Top 10 Job Roles of Cowork Users in 2024

February 13, 2024

Who uses a cowork space?

Coworking spaces like SkanWorks have transformed the traditional office landscape, offering a creative and reliable atmosphere for a diverse range of professionals. Supported by data, these environments cater to the evolving needs pertaining to job roles of cowork users, providing the perfect blend of comfort, professionalism, and community.

Freelancers: A significant portion of coworking space users are freelancers, encompassing roles from graphic designers to writers and web developers. The appeal lies in the easy “come and go” environment that coworking spaces provide, free from long-term commitments or distractions commonly found at home, making them a sanctuary for creativity and productivity.

Remote Workers: With the rise of remote work, coworking spaces have become a go-to for professionals seeking a structured work setting. The draw for remote workers, including customer support reps, data analysts, and digital marketers, is the routine and familiarity offered by coworking spaces, enhancing their daily productivity and work-life balance.

Sales Professionals: The professional atmosphere of coworking spaces is ideal for sales professionals. They benefit from the availability of dedicated desks and private meeting rooms, allowing them to conduct their business without interruptions, which is essential for closing deals and client interactions.

HR Specialists: For HR specialists and recruiters, coworking spaces offer a versatile environment for various tasks, from conducting confidential interviews to administrative work. The availability of secure private offices ensures privacy and professionalism, key for HR functions.

Lawyers: The need for confidentiality and a professional setting makes coworking spaces a preferred choice for lawyers. With access to private offices and secure storage options, lawyers can work on sensitive cases and conduct client meetings in a secure and focused environment.

Accountants and Financial Advisors: The calm and orderly environment of coworking spaces supports the detailed work of accountants and financial advisors. This setting is conducive to concentration, allowing for efficient and accurate financial planning and analysis.

Real Estate Professionals: Coworking spaces serve as an ideal base for real estate professionals, offering a hassle-free environment for administrative tasks, market research, and client communication, all without the distractions of a traditional office. In addition, breakout spaces like meeting rooms provide an excellent place for closings, paperwork, or reviewing properties.

job roles of cowork users

Tech Entrepreneurs: For tech entrepreneurs, coworking spaces provide a balance of focus and functionality, supporting uninterrupted coding sessions, product development, and strategic planning with state-of-the-art facilities.

Consultants: Consultants across various sectors find coworking spaces conducive to both deep work and collaborative projects. The ability to choose between quiet corners of the cowork and modern meeting rooms offers the perfect balance for consultative work. In many instances, consultants choose the flexibility of cowork spaces as their go-to.

Creative Artists: The aesthetically pleasing and inspiring environment of coworking spaces is particularly attractive to creative artists. The natural light, art, and thoughtfully designed spaces stimulate creativity, allowing artists to produce their best work. Creative people often like to sit in different areas of a cowork as multiple seating spaces inspire them differently.

If you’re in one of these roles, this may be the place for you.

Coworking spaces like SkanWorks not only offer a beautiful and reliable setting for work but also foster a sense of belonging among professionals from diverse backgrounds. This emphasis on community, coupled with the flexibility and resources available, makes coworking spaces an integral part of modern professional life.

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